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Friday, 24 July 2015

Monster costs

I discovered something strange today with my base stats excel sheet. For some time now it has looked like brutal units with lots of damage, such as monsters and monstrous infantry,  didn't cost properly. They simply murdered any infantry they attacked. This has been reported by many on the forums and through mail as well.

I have been going through my formula, scratching my head a few times, but today I found the error! A small + sign instead of the correct * in the excel sheet was the joker. I have since gone through most army lists again, and high wound, high damage monsters sure have gone up in cost all across the board. And not in a small way. In fact, I rather hope these new points are alittle too high, to end the reign of monsters. Please let me know about it when v0.4 hits the blog. I would rather decrease some monster costs than keep raising them.

On a side note, I have been offered to use a basic stats formula of some nice Danish people to cross-reference to that of my own. While this will naturally take more time, a cross-reference will in the end benefit the PPC with better accuracy. This will be made to the v0.5 versions, as v0.4 is about the monster costs and making all ranged weapons cost according to the new PPC comp.

But the best points costs accuracy will always come from trying and testing in actual battles, so lets game! :)

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