söndag 5 november 2017

Age of Sigmar: PPC Updated to v.2017.11


The PPC update is here, with lots of small (and large) tweaks to most army lists.

All battalions have had their points checked and tweaked accordingly (thanks NinthMusketeer for his work on them).

The latest compendium changes and updates has also been added to each army list.

You can find the PPC Comp document and all army lists HERE!

tisdag 31 oktober 2017

PPC Update v.2017.10 Delayed


You know how the next PPC update to Age of Sigmar was supposed to hit today?

Well...a small gem called Shadespire arrived in the mail today, so we've spent the evening playing it instead. Sorry, but what can we do...it's such a great game and every match so far has been extremely close, almost down to the final activations of the final round. So cool!

Anyways, will try my best to finish the PPC update in the next few days!


söndag 22 oktober 2017

Shadespire PPC Points


A short update to let you know that Steelheart's Champions weighs in at 100pts and Garrek's Reavers at 40 pts.

They will be in the upcoming v2017.10 update.

söndag 27 augusti 2017

GHB 2017 Update


With the release of the new General's Handbook for Age of Sigmar, lots and lots of warscrolls have been changed. This will be a massive amount of work fo the PPC, as many of them must be re-calculated from scratch.

Here are PPC points for some of the latest new warscrolls:

Bildresultat för neave blacktalon

lördag 5 augusti 2017

Review: Warhammer Quest - Silver Tower

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a story-driven, co-operative boardgame for 1-4 players by Games Workshop. It retails for around 80 pounds at discount online stores, and has since its release gotten a spiritual sequel in Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal. Worth noting, however, is that Shadows Over Hammerhal is no longer fully co-op, but requires a gamemaster to function properly.

tisdag 4 juli 2017

New Years Resolution 2017 - June


Another month gone by, more miniatures painted. This month was slower than usual, mainly due to lots of gaming using up my hobby time :)

If I hadn't sold off some unbuilt Bolt Action Russians and some Khorne models, June would have ended up with more new models than finished ones, thanks to the two excellent games Dark Imperium and Dark Souls.

Anyways, here are the June finished models:

A cool Russian KV-2 Gigant tank for use with Dust 1947.

onsdag 28 juni 2017

Zombicide Black Plague Abominations

To celebrate that I get a new phone with a much better camera soon, here are some last crappy pictures of my Abomination monsters for Zombicide Black Plague :)